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JUNE 2019 – PART 2

TORNADO PETE JUNE 2019 Scroll Down SHOW UP 07/20/19 Greetings in the LORD!  Tornado Pete was sailing down the street the other day, sort of minding his own business with nothing, particular, on mind when God showed up.  Pete noticed a new Hispanic family in the neighborhood out painting and fixing the house they had just bought.  Being the bashful sort of …

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JUNE 2019

TORNADO PETE JUNE 2019 Scroll Down God Provides, 07/18/19 Ahoy me Maties!  It is a great day to be adventuring.  Pete learned another lesson, about how God works.  It seems if you are available everyday event are tools for His hand to move. Pete was lounging around on the deck of his sturdy craft when he was hailed by …

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JUNE 2018

TORNADO PETE JUNE 2018 Scroll Down Race Track Ministry  06/20/18 Now I am assuming you think you know what I am talking about when I mention Race track Ministry but I do not think you are thinking what I am thinking.  No this is not about going to the drag strip in Wichita or to …

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JUNE 2017

TORNADO PETE JUNE 2017 Scroll Down Greetings from the High Seas.  This is Tornado Pete and he is very weary.  What can make Pete weary? WORRY:  Now we all know the Good Book tells us not to worry but Pete could not help himself.  You see Pete had some exuberant local team members who discovered a stain glass window in an obscure prayer closet.  …

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