Greetings from the High Seas.  This is Tornado Pete and he is very weary.  What can make Pete weary?


WORRY:  Now we all know the Good Book tells us not to worry but Pete could not help himself.  You see Pete had some exuberant local team members who discovered a stain glass window in an obscure prayer closet.  They asked Pete if they could have it.  Sure he said if it is left, not imagining for a minute that for any sane reason it would be left.  Fast forward 10 days when Pete and Marie are off site and the expectant team members return to find that the Hospital staff has been more than negligent in claiming the before mentioned treasure.  Thus, its’ very presence indicates its’ availability for relocation.  Reenter Pete to find that the said colored glass has been relocated to an unknown destination.  Upon which worry set in.  For you must understand this is not just any ordinary pretty window.  This is one of 4 original windows, being over 70 years old, still left from the old hospital and might be valued by some as priceless.  Pete swooned.  Though weak kneed and panic stricken Pete persevered.  He initiated a series of events that resulted in the safe relocation of the chosen article to its rightful owners.  Granted, Pete failed to mention the relocation to said official owners until said priceless article was rightly in hand.  Praise the LORD!


STRESS:  Obviously, it goes without saying that Pete is an elite specimen of physical fitness.  (He has a physical body and he fits into most of his clothes.)  So any amount of hard work only tends to tease his banded muscles.  But there was this time today when the exertion took its toll.  You see a  team member was removing a surgical sink in the operating room.  He had removed all the pipes and drains and connectors.  Then as he backed out the last support bolt, the heavy sink dropped out of the hands of the man helping him.  The massive sink propelled by gravity struck the protruding disconnected water line.  Upon impact the line snapped inside the wall.  Do you know the outflow of a one inch water pipe?  Let’s’ say you can fill a 5 gallon water cooler in less than 20 seconds.   Pete being the resourceful type of guy quickly considered all his options and obtained a table on wheels and pushed it next to the sink.  Did I remember to say that the table had wheels on it?  He agilely mounted the table and aggressively addressed the overhead light fixture.  Did I mention that the water was spraying on the floor, out of the wall, in Pete’s face and up the inside of the wall and dripping down out of the light fixture that was on?  At this point, Pete had a fleeting conscious thought, as he is tearing apart the active light fixture while standing on a table with wheels while in a shower, “This is not going to end well.”

               Pete destroyed enough ceiling to find out three things.  1. There is no shut off in the ceiling.  2. The supply pipe goes through the wall into the next room.  3. He is getting very wet.  With new vigor and direction, Pete wheels his mobile table into the next room.  He anchors it in place with a wishful shove and scales the nearby wall.  Did I say the table had wheels on it?  At this point, an encouraging associate hands Pete a short handled sledge.  Now you can do a lot with a short handled sledge but in this case Pete only really wanted to make a large observation port on the side of the wall.  SO with great enthusiasm Pete destroyed the wall about 12 feet up from the floor.  Did I mention wheels? 

Thus, Pete applies regular rhythmic strokes upon the wall.  The wall has no choice but to yield.  Then, on one back swing Pete observes that the hammer is no longer in his hand.  Before he can react Pete continues the next forward stroke empty handed.  Yet he is thinking that the hammer has fallen into the great depths of the cavern behind the drywall.  Before he can stop, Pete’s hand enters the hole, feels the hammers handle, grabs it and continues the regular rhythmic strokes without missing a beat.  And the wheels did not move. 

 But all to no avail.   No pipes or shut offs were found.   Fast forward about 40 minutes and over 700 gallons of water later, it is decided to turn the water off the whole hospital.  (About 3 days early)  Nothing significant is hurt and all are laughing except the team who is on the floor below who are getting dripped on and want to know if Pete could fix it. 


PEOPLE:  Pete is all about people but sometimes they make him tired.  Like the two auction buyers who decided to physically question each other’s heritage in the parking lot.  Or the buyers who decided to make other people’s things their own.  Or those who think they own the building and it is all about them.  Normal stuff, but it adds to the wear and tear.


GRIEF:  Pete is weary because Marie’s mom Arlene Large passed away last night.  Arlene is home with Jesus now.  That is a celebration knowing she is home with her savior.  Yet, in the flesh one must grief the earthly loss of a very dear relationship.  She was the best of mother in laws and friends. Thank you Father God for Arlene Large.


Yet there are some things that offset weariness:

PRAYER:  Turning to Jesus and seeking His face.  The prayers of family and friends proclaiming God’s love and power lightens the load.  Also, praying with those around you and encouraging them in their walk.  That certainly makes a difference.


FRIENDS:  Someone who you can meet in the emergency waiting room after a long day and hold and share and pray in the face of an unknown illness.  That definitely makes a difference.


LAUGHTER: A friend asked Pete to set aside a fancy ceiling examination light.  Pete arranged for one to be available then learned that it was the only one not sold and thus the only one left available to go overseas for a surgical room.  So he called his friend to say he traded the light for 4 appendectomies and 36 C sections.  His friend thought it was a pretty good trade.  That really made a difference.


LITTLE THINGS:  The joy of seeing a van load of teenage girls show up at the hospital to help with the auction process.  They smiled, worked and had fun.  That absolutely made a difference.

Though tired, Pete acknowledges that it is not by might, nor by strength but by His Spirit.  Praise the one and only True God.  He is leading.