Race Track Ministry  06/20/18

Now I am assuming you think you know what I am talking about when I mention Race track Ministry but I do not think you are thinking what I am thinking.  No this is not about going to the drag strip in Wichita or to the big oval in Kansas City or any of the multiple places in between.  It is about stepping out my front door.  Actually to the church building parking lot.


Story 1.  My neighbor across the street likes to run four wheeler for recreation.  To do that he needs a place to test out his toys.  What better place than to allow him to run his trials on our small, unsanctioned but certainly sanctified (for ministry) open oval.  Result, we have become good friends.


Story 2.  Three weeks ago I came home to find that I did not have any internet connection.  I did the due diligence but could not find the problem on the technical side.  Later on I decided to track down the cable from the house to the pole.  The cable was awaiting the arrival of the burial detail. (Going on 9 months now.)  I traced the cable to the bitter end which was not connected to the pole and was very frayed.  Turns out that our neighbor boys(different neighbors) had a new go cart.  The day before they had discovered the joy of drifting.  The exact spot where they discovered this great life experience was where my exposed and vulnerable internet cable crossed the alley on top of the ground.  Boy meets go-cart, Boy discovers drifting.  Cart meets cable.  Cable loses.  You get the picture.  So to satisfy my dependence on the internet I offered the unsanctioned but sanctified little racing oval of the Burrton Community Church.  Relationships saved and deepened.


Story 3. Yesterday, I go out my front door and I am welcomed with what sounds like a M1 tank rumbling through the said race way.  I being the responsible steward I am decided top investigate.  What did I find but yet a different neighbors wife and four children doing laps in the BCC race oval in a semi tractor.   I did not even know they owned a semi let alone know how to drive one.  Yet they the family was laughing and giggling at the thrill of the race.  I encouraged them with affirmation and permission and rejoiced in how God works.  You see this is a neighbor who before would not let her kids even cross over to the parking lot to play as it belong to someone else.  Now she feels free enough to turn cookies in a semi on the gravel with a seat full of kids without seat belts.  Praise the LORD!  The door was opened another notch in this relationship.


So it seems God will use anything to build relationships for the announcement and demonstration of His reign.  Granted Pete will have to call his good friend Bill Drake to drag the parking lot again but why not.  We are not here to look nice but to proclaim the love of Jesus and I am sure Jesus delights in making race tracks out of parking lots. 


What is He using in your life?


Tornado Pete