Getting Old is Not for Wimps  05/09/19

Argh!!!!!   Tornado Pete has an example of you know your are getting old when…
Pete woke up yesterday ready to face the day.  Nearly four inches of rain changed his plans to work on the solar installation but that was ok because his eyes did not quite seem to want to focus.  Not pain or discomfort but he could not quite make things look right.  Still, there were people with water problems and he was set to be available to help.
Then with a casual trip to the basement Pete discovered who needed help.  The city sewer had backed up and there was a 1/4 inch or so of water in the whole basement.  Pete and Marie were awashed (pun intended) immediately in crisis mode.  They worked all morning and into the afternoon on the cleanup that included tearing out the drywall and cabinets of the downstairs bath.  
All along Pete keep thinking that he was not seeing straight but did not have time to think about it.  At lunch Pete and Marie went to the cafe to eat.  That is when Pete discovered that his right eye was seeing double.  Again no other symptoms.  Mind you Marie is across the table and looking at Pete and has no answers from her wealth of medical experience.  Pete even noticed that one lens of his glasses was dirty and one was not.  The right lens was clean.
All sort of things went through Pete‘s mind as he wandered at the cause and the potential limitations of loosing his eye sight.  Then back at home he figured he had better clean the one dirty lens.  Surprise!  The right lens was missing.  Have you ever felt really stupid.  The missing lens was on the night stand by the bed where it fell out.  All are back together now and Pete‘s eyesight is restored.
Sometimes our biggest problems have very simple solutions.