Humphrey 09/25/18

Grab a strong rope and lash yourselves down, cause Pete has some wild tales to spin.  First, Pete and Marie are skipping across the waves as they celebrate the successful inversion of their granddaughter Lila.  Now, not all may realize what that all entails. In pirate terms: two big strong men lay hands on the wayward Missy (on the outside), who is resting snug inside her mom, and they forcefully redirect the trajectory of her anticipated arrival into this world.  (She was breach and now she is not breach.)  Oh, if it would only be so easy once she gets older.  All are doing well and Lila’s coming out party should be about the middle of October.  YEEEHAAA!
Monday Pete was reminded of s spiritual truth.  He was out in the shop, building a framework for a set of Roman Armor for the church building.  Yes, as in helmet, breastplate, belt, and tunic. (sword and shield are there already.) In the process he heard a thump and whir.  Upon closer inspection Pete observed an intruder in the building.  Humphrey the Hummingbird took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up in Pete‘s wood shop.  That is not a bad thing but hummingbirds live longer outside with flowers and the like.  Still, it seemed no about of positive or negative intervention could convince Humphrey to fly to freedom.  Brooms, rakes, lights, flowers in a vase, brand new feeder with food and of course lots of English words failed utterly.  Humphrey could not understand our intent.  
Generally, people in our own wisdom are often like Humphrey.  We do not understand God’s intent so we speed through life with ultra frantic effort.  We dodge and dart around, turning and twisting in amazing maneuvers but we are still trapped.  We need to stop and listen and follow.  The Lord holds the big picture in His hands.
Pete was reminded of this very lesson again this morning in a text from a missionary friend.  Four years ago, Pete spent two weeks in Israel with this friend(Actually Pete had never met him until, Pete arrived in Israel.).  It was during a time in Pete‘s life, when Pete‘s adrift and unfocused.  He did not know if he would ever go back to Haiti.  Pete did not know if he was ever to be in a vocational pastor position again.  At the time, he was working various part time jobs so thus had two weeks to go to Israel.  Fancy that.
Recently, the friend has been in limbo.  He is back in the states with his family, without a good job or direction.  Through the last year or so, God had Pete give this friend words of experience that walked the friend through the deep water.  Today, the friend shared that God had prepared the job that fit his gifts and passion.  You never know how God is working.  You never know how today is going to be used in your life or the live of someone else.  Show up today or you might miss something great.