Wheels and Lug Nuts:

Ahoy Me Maties!  The wind is fresh, and the waves are rolling.  It’s a great day on the High Seas.

Pete’s car had a flat tire the other day.  It was so flat the bead had broken.  He could not air it up and drive to the repair shop.  So, Pete changed the tire the old-fashioned way.  He set the jack up in the mud, used the 4 way lug wrench and rolled the tire to get repaired.  Once fixed Pete repeated the process.  To assure the wheel and tire would not fly off, he used a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts to the needed pressure.  Too little pressure and the wheel will work loose and too much, and something may break.

Pete finished the job and got thinking.  (Terribly, dangerous thing to do you know.)  Pressure is a good thing.  The lug nets are designed to keep the wheels in place so they can do their job.  The wheels and tires are a wonderful partnership of inflexible strength and resilient flexibility. Both are needed to handle the various situations of the road.  Speed, heat, traction, curves, rocks, nails, and holes are just a few of challenges wheels and tires must overcome.  Still, that is their purpose.  They are firmly fastened to perform properly to keep the car under control and the occupants safe.

The life of the believer is similar.  Each believer is uniquely called and gifted to deal with demanding challenges.  They are held in place by the one who created and choose them.  The demands of life will require them to apply the full capacity of their reserve to fulfill their specific purpose.  They are to leave everything on the road, so to speak.  Until the tread is gone, or the sidewall goes out the tire is to keep rolling.  Wheels stay put until they are bent or rusted.

Granted this is not a perfect illustration.  Still, I hope you get the idea.  God holds you in place to enable you to do what He has purposed you to do.  Without His pressure we would fly out of place.  His steady touch may feel oppressive at times.  Yet it is critically needed.  On another note, serving the Lord may never be recognized here on earth.  We may not even ever know who we helped, served or encouraged by just showing up.  But the ONE who holds things in place, does.  And He could not be more pleased.  Show up today!


Disclaimer:  If it is determined to be wrong to call God a “Lug Nut”, Pete will confess and repent immediately.

Prayer:  Several of the Burrton Church family need healing.  COVID, colds, sinus infections, knees, hips, hearts and the like have taken several out of action.  Pray for healing and patience in His timing.

Pete and Marie travel to Nebraska twice.  Once to see her family in the west and once to see Pete’s mom and attend a retreat in the east.  Pray for communication and refreshment.

Pray for favor to navigate international travel plans and wisdom to know how to proceed in changing times in the world.

Pray for God to shine His light in the darkness of live in Burrton.  People need the Good News.

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